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EUS guided Cholecystogastrostomy

Gallbladder is an organ located just below the liver in right side of the abdomen. Inflammation of the gallbladder can occur in a condition called, “cholecystitis”. Patients often experience abdominal pain especially in the right side of the abdomen, fever and sometimes shoulder pain. This occurs due to blockage of the “cystic duct”, a tube connecting gallbladder to the bile duct. The inflammation can be mild or severe and life threatening. The standard treatment for such patients is gallbladder surgery or “cholecystectomy”. However, if surgery is required in old patients or those with other co-morbidities such a heart or lung diseases, this can become high risk. In such patients, an endoscopic procedure called “cholecystogastrostomy” can be performed for creation of a connection between stomach and gallbladder which provides drainage of gallbladder and permits removal of stones. This is a painless procedure and performed under sedation.