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Department of Gastroenterology

The Department of Gastroenterology has a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach for disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, gallbladder, bile duct and pancreas. Gastroenterologist usually manages patients of reflux disease, colitis of various etiologies, various functional bowel disorders, obstructive jaundice, liver disorders like hepatitis and cirrhosis, GI and hepatobiliary cancers, various anorectal disorders.

Gastroenterology department in MIDAS Multispeciality Hospital has long history of four decades. From its inception in 1981 as a small Endoscopy unit, now it’s a comprehensive Gastroenterology unit having medical, surgical unit along with intensive care and various diagnostic facilities under one roof. It is one of its own kinds in India which provides comprehensive care to patients with disorders related to digestive system and liver at an affordable expense.

As a part of team work with other specialist like surgical gastroenterologist, radiologist, Intensivist, this department has four full time well trained Gastroenterologists.

This department is equipped with state of the art Endoscopes from Olympus-190 series. Apart from routine diagnostic and therapeutic upper GI endoscopy and colonoscopy, these advanced endoscope series gives a high quality videos and images which ultimately helps in improved diagnosis of the disorders. It also has Narrow band imaging technology which helps in diagnosis of various digestive disorders at its very early stage.

This department is equipped with ERCP scopes from Olympus and Fujinon for various Hepatobiliary interventions.

This department provides the diagnostic and therapeutic Endoscopic Ultrasound facilities for the first time in central India. This particular facility is required for the diagnosis and management of various GI Cancers for its staging and even as definitive treatment in its early stages. It is required for diagnosis of pancreatic disorders like Chronic pancreatitis in its early stage, managing pseudocyst of pancreas, detection of pancreatic malignancy, for its tissue diagnosis and for its staging etc .

It is well equipped with supportive equipments like Allenger C-arm, Erbe Cautrey , disinfection units.

This department is equipped with High resolution Manometry which is a recent technique evolved for evaluation of various functional and motility disorder of digestive tract.

PH Metry which is a technology required for diagnosis of reflux disorder which cannot be diagnosed on routine endoscopy. This facility is available on appointment basis at our centre.

In recent future, it will also be upgrades with equipments like Spy-glass required for evaluation of bile duct disorders and Enteroscopes required for evaluation of small intestinal disorders